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Meet the family

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About Littlers Pasture Farm

We are a family farm in Nelson, Lancashire.

In the team we have Matthew, Charlotte and our little helpers Albert and Molly

 We follow regenerative practices such as rotationally grazing livestock, planting trees, fruit bush lanes and also using a no dig method for our vegetables so we don’t disturb the soil structure or the microorganisms in our soil. This also helps keep weeds at bay without using any chemicals to kill them. We do this by using a layer of compost as mulch and woodchip as paths this represents a forest floor which, is undisturbed and full of life which in turn helps the environment and our plants get access all the nutrients they need and as a bonus it helps us produce fantastic food.

We are also looking forward to providing you with seasonal vegetable boxes this summer so sign up to our newsletter for updates.

All our hens are pasture raised. Weather and bird flu permitting and move to fresh grass every couple of days giving you the best eggs you can buy.

We house in a mobile solar powered structure, which keeps the hens safe at night from predators and gives them a safe place to lay their eggs. This also provides roosts at different heights to help the chickens distinguish there natural hierarchy “normally the boss will be at the top roost”. We feel this hen house meets the chickens physical and psychological needs.

We also have 100m of electric fencing around the chicken house to provide a extra layer of security against predators and helps us rotationally graze.

In the event there is a bird flu housing order we will house them in a polytunnel with grass to start, then we add bedding and we will also give the hens fresh vegetables and blocks of mature compost to keep them busy and to ensure they get the nutrients required for a good egg

All our animal feed comes from a Drug free mill and is free from GMO

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