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Cherry valley ducks

Cherry valley ducks

**Cherry Valley Ducks (16 Weeks Old) - £35 Each** Point of lay

Introducing our premium Cherry Valley ducks, now available at 16 weeks old and ready for their new homes! Cherry Valley ducks are renowned for their excellent laying capabilities, producing around 300 large white eggs per year. They are a hardy and versatile breed, making them perfect for both egg production and meat purposes.

### Key Features:

- **Age**: from 16 weeks

- **Price**: £35 each

- **Egg Production**: Approximately 300 large white eggs per year

- **Temperament**: Friendly and easy to handle, suitable for families and farms

- **Health**: Vaccinated and raised to ensure optimal health and wellbeing

### Benefits:

- **High Productivity**: Start enjoying fresh, high-quality eggs soon after purchase.

- **Dual Purpose**: Excellent for both egg production and meat, offering versatility for your needs.

- **Hardy Breed**: Adaptable to various climates and resistant to common poultry diseases.

Cherry Valley ducks are a fantastic addition to any poultry collection, offering both practical benefits and delightful companionship. Secure your ducks today and experience the best in poultry farming with our top-quality Cherry Valley


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