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Comfrey Blocking 14 Chicken feed

Comfrey Blocking 14 Chicken feed

What you get is a fresh root cutting which is all thats needed to grow vigorous plants.

Collection only.

Using Bocking 14 comfrey for chicken feed is a common practice due to its high nutrient content and ease of cultivation. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use it effectively:

Brilliant for unused areas of the garden or pots hard to kill but dose not reseed as its a blocking variety and seeds are not viable

### Why Bocking 14 Comfrey?

- **High Nutrient Content**: Comfrey, particularly Bocking 14, is rich in protein, vitamins (A, B12, C), and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium).

- **Low Seed Spread**: Bocking 14 is a sterile hybrid, meaning it doesn't spread by seed, reducing the risk of it becoming invasive.

- **Rapid Growth**: It can be harvested multiple times a year, providing a continuous supply of feed.

### Benefits for Chickens

- **Enhanced Nutrition**: The nutrient-rich leaves can improve overall health, egg production, and growth rates in chickens.

- **Digestive Health**: The fiber in comfrey aids in digestion.

- **Cost-Effective**: Growing comfrey can reduce feed costs by supplementing store-bought feed.

### How to Use Bocking 14 Comfrey as Chicken Feed

1. **Growing Comfrey**:

- **Planting**: Plant comfrey crowns or root cuttings in well-drained soil with full sun to partial shade. Space plants 2-3 feet apart.

- **Maintenance**: cut back comfrey to prevent flowering and encourage leaf growth.

2. **Harvesting**:

- **Timing**: Harvest comfrey leaves when wanted during growing season, ensuring to leave a few inches of stem so the plant can regrow.

- **Method**: Use sharp shears to cut leaves close to the base.

3. **Feeding to Chickens**:

- **Fresh Leaves**: Offer fresh comfrey leaves to chickens by placing them in their run or coop. They will peck at the leaves as needed.

- **Dried Leaves**: Harvest and dry comfrey leaves by hanging them in a well-ventilated area. Once dried, crumble the leaves and mix them with regular feed.

- **Comfrey Pellets**: Blend dried comfrey leaves with other grains and binders to form pellets, making it easier to handle and feed.

### Considerations

- **Moderation**: While comfrey is nutritious, it should be fed in moderation. A general guideline is to make comfrey about 10-20% of the chickens' diet.

- **Monitor Health**: Observe chickens for any adverse reactions, although this is uncommon with Bocking 14.

- **Rotation and Care**: Rotate harvesting areas and care for the plants to ensure a sustainable supply.

### Additional Tips

- **Companion Planting**: Integrate comfrey into your garden or orchard to benefit from its other properties, such as weed suppression and soil improvement.

- **Compost**: Use excess comfrey leaves to make a nutrient-rich compost, enhancing the overall productivity of your garden.

By incorporating Bocking 14 comfrey into your chicken feed regimen, you can leverage its nutritional benefits and ease of growth, contributing to healthier and more productive poultry.


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