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Pekin Lanvander bantams

Pekin Lanvander bantams

**Stock and Availability:** We will indicate when stock is available. Please contact us to schedule a collection appointment, as we do not accept walk-ins.

**Pure Breeds:** We sell purebred hens at the point of lay from 16 weeks old.

**Payment and Reservation:** Payment can be made by cash or card upon collection. Birds cannot be reserved without payment.

**Order Policy:** We will hold your ordered hens for up to 7 days from the order date. After this period, you will be refunded with up to 30% of the purchase price deducted.

**Pekin Bantam (Lavender) Breed Information:**

The Lavender Pekin Bantam is a charming and visually stunning breed, cherished for its gentle nature and striking appearance. This bantam variety is highly prized for its ornamental qualities and friendly temperament.

- **Appearance:** The Lavender Pekin Bantam has a small, compact body adorned with a profusion of soft, fluffy feathers. Its plumage displays a beautiful lavender color, giving it a unique and elegant look that stands out in any flock.

- **Egg Production:** While Pekin Bantams are primarily kept for their ornamental value, they do produce a modest number of eggs. Hens typically lay up to 180 small, cream-colored eggs per year. Though their egg production is not as high as other breeds, their eggs are still appreciated for their quality.

- **Temperament:** Known for their friendly and docile nature, Lavender Pekin Bantams make excellent pets and are easy to handle if handledfrequently. They are especially well-suited for families and small backyard flocks. Their calm demeanor makes them compatible with other breeds, and they are often the more sociable members of mixed flocks.

Whether you are a chicken enthusiast, a backyard poultry keeper, or simply looking to add a beautiful and gentle breed to your flock, the Lavender Pekin Bantam is an excellent choice. With its stunning appearance, friendly disposition, and manageable size, this breed remains a favorite among poultry keepers.

**Availability:** If a bird is listed, it is available. Once sold out, it will be marked as "Sold Out."

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