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Polish Bantam

Polish Bantam

**Stock and Availability:** We will indicate when stock is available. Please contact us to schedule a collection appointment, as we do not accept walk-ins.

Colours may vary to image please choose on the day.

**Pure Breeds:** We sell purebred bantam hens at the point of lay from 16 weeks old.

**Payment and Reservation:** Payment can be made by cash, online or card upon collection. Birds cannot be reserved without payment.

**Order Policy:** We will hold your ordered hens for up to 7 days from the order date. After this period, you will be refunded with up to 30% of the purchase price deducted.

**Polish Bantam Breed Information:**

The Polish Bantam is a charming and distinctive breed of chicken renowned for its unique appearance and delightful characteristics. Originally developed in the Netherlands, this breed is easily recognizable by its prominent crest of feathers.

- **Appearance:** The Polish Bantam has a small and compact body, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space. Its striking plumage comes in a variety of colors, with some of the most popular being white, black, and golden. The breed’s most notable feature is its crest, a magnificent cluster of feathers that cascades over its head.

- **Crest:** The crest of the Polish Bantam is its signature feature, composed of an impressive array of feathers that can vary from a tidy pom-pom to a more extravagant plume. This distinctive trait gives the breed a unique and regal appearance.

- **Egg Production:** Despite their small size, Polish Bantam hens are decent layers, producing a moderate number up to 200 small, white eggs. While they may not lay as prolifically as larger breeds, their eggs are still valued for their quality and taste.

- **Temperament:** Polish Bantams are known for their friendly and gentle nature. They are typically very curious and enjoy interacting with their human caretakers, making them excellent pets. Their calm demeanor also makes them a great addition to mixed flocks, as they tend to get along well with other breeds.

Whether you are a seasoned chicken keeper or a newcomer to the hobby, the Polish Bantam is sure to be a delightful addition to your flock. With its distinctive appearance, manageable size, and amiable personality, this breed is a favorite among poultry enthusiasts worldwide.

**Availability:** If a bird is listed, it is available. Once sold out, it will be marked as "Sold Out."

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